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Mobile Payment Options
Do you have a dream job?  How about one that pays even when you are on vacation in which you own part of the company.  Have you ever heard of  Merchant Services? Many have never heard of it and don’t know it exists.  Every time you run your payment card at a business, the business owner gets charged a percentage of the sale.  This fee is called interchange.  As an account manager, you make money every time one of your businesses runs credit/debit/gift cards. Each account varies on payout, but averages are $30-$2000 per month in residual income.  After initial setup there is little work involved on their account.
Basic Credit Card Terminal
Quick Start Tactics
As you get started, the following are things that I wish I would have done at the beginning to make me successful earlier.  Seeking referral partnerships can quickly help you hit the ground running.  You can offer them $50-$500 upfront or an ongoing residual stream of the account they refer to you based off their commitment level and how big the merchant is they send you.
1)                 Seek a partner – You will be more successfulif you have someone helping you. Define each other’s roles.  Example: One person will seek accounts through contacts while the other person will dopaperwork and accounting.   You willbe more productive as you specialize in departments and can motivate each other to win business.
2)               Talk to Friends and Family – These are easy referrals because you already have the trust. Try, “I am working with a new company that is saving business owners lots ofmoney on their processing fees for their credit card service,  if you get me a merchant statement we can doan assessment for you”
3)               Chamber of Commerce – Your local Chamber isan excellent source of referrals because you can get in with many businesseswithin the community.  Try to form apartnership with them to have them refer you business if you pay for their Member’s yearly fees.  You can typically attend the chamber’s meetings a few times and see what it is about before you have to join.
4)                 Visit Local Banks – You will receivereferrals from local banks if they have a business owner requesting thatservice.  They would love to refer their members to a local person such as yourself.
5)               Visit Accountants/Bookkeepers/CPAs –  If you know any accountants they deal with business owners all the time and they would love to help their owners savemoney.  You can even offer themincentives if they refer business to you.   Let the accountant know that if they are paying more than 2% effective rate on merchant fees, they are paying too much.
6)               Web builders –These are companies that are doing websites for businesses.  They often have to install some sort of application ontheir website to accept cards… Why not us?? This is a huge and growing market and web builders would love to have alocal person to help them with that service for the merchants.  We also have secure ways for web builders to store payment cards and customer checking info.
7)               Talk to Industry Associations – Any Industry has a central association wherethey get the latest breaking news in the industry book.  For example there is a national associationfor bartenders or a national association for towing, or a national associationfor tire retailers.  If you form apartnership with the association they will let you advertise and recommend youfor processing.  Usually they will require an incentive to do so for each of their clients you sign, but often it is well worth it.
8)      Payroll Providers – Paychex and ADP local reps are a great source for leads.  They already have existing relationships with hundreds of local merchants. 
9)        B2B Cell Carrier Reps – AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have B2B reps that seek small to medium sized business and have relationships with 100′s of businesses in your area.  They often need a local solutions provider for merchant services. 
Merchant Statements
The key to getting a merchant an accurate quote is getting their merchant statements.  If they are processing credit/debit cards now we are not reinventing the wheel.  We are just providing them lower rates on their fees.  If you get a copy of their current statement you can scan/fax/picture mail over a copy and we will draw up a full analysis of their fees vs. ours.  We put the savings in the proposal in a professional excel file and the sale is easy.  Why would they not want to save money?

Sample Script
“Hi, my name is __________, I am with Payment Processing.

We help companies like yours minimize the pain associated with accepting credit cards.

I wonder if you could tell me what your process  is for evaluating new credit card systems.”

  •  “I forgot to ask you one question?  Has anyone discussed PCI security compliance with you?”
  •  Suggest date and time for appointment.
    •  “Is there anyone else that needs to be a part of the meeting that’s involved in your decision making process.”

  • Presentation
      • Get everyone seated
      • Ask, “Has anything changed since we last met?”
        • Presentation based on what you learned in the Discovery step

     “Based on the analysis, we will save you ($2,400)per year.  That is a savings of (8%) or approximately one month’s processing cost . . . now, if this is what you want to do, I would like to get your merchant account active as soon as possible, for all the obvious reasons, is this what you want to do?”

    Wait for the response without moving!

    Top Payment Processing Objections and Our Response

“We are in a Contract”  -  We can pay up to 100% of the termination fee of their existing company
“We are with our Bank” – Banks aren’t typically their own processor.  They use a third party in another state.  Banks also do 100 other things and don’t specialize in merchant services.  We just do merchant accounts day in and day out, we are better at it because we focus on it.
“We are fine with our current company and we have GREAT rates already” – We have a $500 guarantee that we will beat your rates or pay you $500.  All it takes is a couple of papers and an approval from our underwriting and we can reprogram your existing equipment or offer you a free terminal.
“We have a Point of Sale (POS) in which we are integrated” – Being a broker we have 100′s of relationships with POS vendors and can most likely integrate into their software or POS.”We use Square” – Square is expensive and unsecured.  See blog post about disadvantages of Square.

Reprogramming/Equipment Fees – You make 100% of fees you charge upfront.  Typical setup fee is $95 but you don’t have to charge anything if you don’t want.  We pay you 100% of markup on new equipment sold above cost.
Merchant Fees – 2 Options Below
1) Upfront commission – You make 9X multiple of the merchant’s monthly residual profit from card processing.  For example if you would have made $50 a month residual on the merchant we will pay you $450 after they start processing. This is recommended for starting reps.
2) Monthly residual – You make a percent of income generated with each merchant’s processing.  This includes credit/debit, check processing, ATM processing, gift cards and cash advances. Sales reps will receive 30-50% based on volume below of the net profit over interchange cost per month per merchant residual.  All residuals to be paid on the 1st of the following month. For example January processing is paid on March 1st.
     0-$2000           = 10%
     $2000-$5000   = 20%
     $5000+            = 30%
All payments are direct-deposited to the partner’s bank account. Upfront Commission are sent out each Friday for that week’s newly processing merchants.
To get started here are some good training videos teaching about merchant accounts. you submit your first two accounts we pay for a two day training of 8-5pm training.  This will get you on your feet and allow you to know a more in depth view of the industry.
Here is a sample Youtube on the features of our mobile card reader. Click HereHere is a video about our phoneswipe reseller program.  Click Here

You can receive a free mobile card reader and account with our Pay As You go program.  Click Here To Apply.

Mobile Processing Comparison

Why Choose MBS?

Don’t Be a Square

Check out Square comparison video

Check Out our PhoneSwipe website

VIEW Go Payment Pricing

Use ANY device – apple ipod/iphone/ipad, androids, windows mobile, blackberry or tablet (Square Only iOS and Android)

Pick from multiple card readers (Square, Go Payment Only One)

Plan A (not available for Square)

$50 Card Reader

Card Swipe  - 1.69% + .25 cents (Square 2.75%)
Keyed       - 3.29% + .25 cents (Square 3.5%)
Monthly Fee - $ 10.00
Yearly Fee  - $79
Click Here for our 5 Minute application to get approved for Plan B.

Plan B

Free Card Reader and No Setup fee

Card Swipe  - 2.69% + 0 cents (Square 2.75%)
Keyed       - 3.29% + .25 cents (Square 3.5%)
Monthly Fee - $ 0.00
Yearly Fee  - $0
Click Here for our 5 Minute application to get approved for Plan B.
Click Here for our 5 Minute application to get approved for Plan B.

 Security - 
Unlike Square we don't want to mingle in in your business and sell you personal business data including you sales and customer information to your customers. 
Our card readers are encrypted and your data is secure (Square - Non Encrypted and your business data can be sold See Square end user agreement section 37)

* 24 hr. 7 day terminal assistance – Phone Support ( Square Email and Twitter only)

* Discounted Payroll Services (Square None)

* Custom Gift and Loyalty Cards (Square, Go Payment None)

* Check Guarantee/ Up to 12 Month Customer Financing (Square, Go Payment None)

* QuickBooks Integration (Square None)

* Online/Email Reporting (Square, Go Payment Limited)

* Cash Advance/ Business Loans (Square, Go Payment None)

* PCI secure gateway for Card and Checking account storage and recurring payment (Square, Go Payment Not Available)


Next Day Funding Now Available! (Square, Go Payment not available)

Contact us!


Mobile Payments integration

Do you want to allow your mobile application to accept payments? We now easily offer a free way to integrate credit card processing into your application.  The best part of it is that we also allow you to make residual income as well.  You can securely process credit cards and offer to your app clients and be fully PCI compliant.  Our developer program allows you to have full control of how you use our SDK and add in or take out features you need.

How can you take control?

1)  YOUR LOOK AND FEEL Our open API allow you to embed code in your app and allow you to run a transaction inside.  Traditional methods such as require that you jump in and out of the application.  This gives the user a bumpy experience and isn’t efficient.

Our solution allows an advanced library to make the look and feel of your application remain constant in your app.  This helps the end user stay in your application and have a better overall experience.  Less time out of your app is more time to enjoy yours!

2)  AVOID PCI Integration with payments is tricky because you need to abide by the regulations of Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for security.  If you want your application to process payments you have to first do an integration into a card reader (audio or other port) and then an integration into a payment gateway.  This is time consuming can be costly.  In addition to that you will have to have your payment application security standard (PA-DSS)  completed so you are in check with the card brands.  This typically costs $5000- $10000 per year in order to stay compliant and a 2-4 week process.

Our solution allows you to stay out of scope because you are using our code to process and transmit sensitive cardholder data.  This allows you to do what you do best and develop an even greater app.  We handle all yearly updates to regulatory practices by PCI and pass those updates to you free of charge.  Our encrypted readers are installed with End to End Encryption so that the transaction is secure from cradle to grave.

3)  One Stop Shop Our program is designed for your ease of use.  We allow you to have an affiliate link for your clients to go on an easily apply for a merchant account.  Our 5 minute application can have your clients up and running in minutes.  We then ship the card readers out free of charge so they can begin swiping.  We setup and train them over the phone and show them how it works within your app.  We handle the yearly certifications with them also on maintaining that they are secure and compliant with the card brands.  We also handle updates with multiple types of card readers and any updates in payment gateway so you don’t have to.

4) Great Pricing Unlike our “square” competitors we aren’t a cookie cutter solution for our merchants.  As merchants are bigger and do more volume we can lower their rates as they continue to grow with us.  Our highest rates are 2.69% and decline from there as our merchants process more volume and we grow the relationship with.

See Detailed Pricing

5) Partnership  We offer residuals of all processing for accounts that you sign up to process payments.  We pay a percentage of all credit card sales to you for as long as the merchants process with us.  Most companies aren’t out there to share in the profit with you but we believe we want a long term relationship and this is the best way to do it.

As a leader in the industry we are here to help you be even more successful and take off the burden of payment processing.  We are experts in helping you launch the best app experience for payments.  Mobile payments is our specialty and our API’s and SDK’s will help you have a speedy integration process to ensure you are up and running promptly.

Email us at or call 480-270-4729

Choose your Options:

1)  Pay As You Go – Designed for Startups and less than $5000/month in volume

Free Card Reader, No Monthly, Yearly, Upfront Fees, 2.7% Flat Fee,  2 Day Funding, Import each transaction into QuickBooks

2)  Discounted Card Readers – Geared towards companies with higher volumes

$10 Card Readers, $15/month, $.05 per mobile transaction, $79 year, $0 upfront, Lower processing rates based off volume, $5/month for separate User reporting, 2 Day funding, Import each transaction into QuickBooks

3)  Next Day Funding and Higher QuickBooks integration – If faster funding and integration similar to QuickBooks GoPayment is needed.

Call for Details on Pricing – 480-270-4729

QuickBooks = High Cost Merchant Account

Merchants with a high usage of QuickBooks will love our special integration with the accounting software.  Now you can have lower processing fees compared to Intuit Merchant Services and full integration for your software.

• Accounting
• Bill payment
• Invoicing
• Receipt printing
• Fraud management
• Cash drawers
• Gift and loyalty programs
• Recurring billing
• Mobile swipe acceptance (with Androids,
BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhones and tablets)
• Check processing
• Barcode scanning
• Online shopping carts
• Inventory management programs

Unlike Intuit Merchant Services we have Next Day Funding Now Available!
We also offer monthly deposit so all your fees are taken out at the end of the month and not daily
QuickBooks just raised there rates on November 1st 2012.  See Link

Watch our full video on how our QB plugin works.

Restaurant Point of Sale

Mobile Business Systems is the leader in Point of Sale for the restaurant industry.  We have a solution to fit any need you may have to make your business customer and staff friendly.  With traditional options available we also have a variety of options that enable mobile wireless technology to advance your business.  We offer three solutions based off of your needs.

1) Add Mobile to your current Point of Sale

Add our mobile app to your existing restaurant POS with ease. Have big lines during rush time?  Why buy another expensive POS terminal or have another waiter on staff during busy times?  Be more efficient!  We now have add on product for Micros, Aloha, Dinerware, Squirrel and POSitouch. Both waiters and even customers can take orders and process payments at the table or in a busy line.  Your mobile devices communicate with our secure PCI compliant cloud based servers and end to end encryption.

You can now accept credit, debit, loyalty and gift cards anywhere in the restaurant or on the go!  These orders sync with existing POS for printing orders, inventory and payment.  Customers can leave reviews on mobile devices after their dining experience is over allowing them to create a buzz about your establishment via social media

2) FREE New traditional POS

Why pay for a traditional Point of Sale system?

If you don’t need a mobile fit and want a great POS for your restaurant we can help out. Installation, training and setup are included.  Check out


We have hundreds of restaurants taking advantage of our free restaurant POS system and I wanted to shoot you a quick email about it.  You may bump into restaurant owners that need a new system and don’t want to fork out the thousands of dollars to Aloha, Micros, etc.  Our system is completely free upfront including install and training and the restaurant just pays $59/month for the use and that includes upgrades, warranty and support!!

Ranked #2 best POS solutions in 2012!! 

Here is a 2 minute video to see what our system can do.

Here is a more detailed 50 minute video if you would like to see most of our features.

Harbortouch Restaurant Management Systems are on of a kind with all the benefits, tools, and features of a big brand name such as Micros, Aloha, POSItouch for half the cost.
You get what is pictured below, and full hardware/software warranty and licenses, backup, 24/7 support, and even access to your POS system from any internet connected computer. A normal back office kit would cost you another $1000, but not with this system. We also now offer a reservations program absolutely free. Tired of Fees? We have NO PCI, Annual or IRS Fees!

No down payment and receive over 100 custom reports, timeclock, inventory and purchasing features, and more.


Available options include:
Remote Kitchen Video Screen with control pad – No more lost tickets with a screen in the kitckhen showing orders

Call ID – Store your guest information when they call and know there name, address for delivery, order preferences, phone, and more

Remote kitchen printer

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Digital Scale – Perfect for those pay by the pound and grocery establishments

Debit Pin Pad

Cash Till

Apple iPad Ordering for table side convenience

Free Paper

3)  Full iPad POS

We also offer a full mobile Point of Sale on Apple or Android Tablets. Your staff can take orders at the table or there is also the potential for customer to order themselves. (via kiosk)  The beauty of the mobile platform is that staff and customers already know how it works because they have used them in their personal life.  Training is a breeze.

You can now choose from an assortment of cases.  Cases enable the iPad to be connected to card readers, AC power and even locked down for security.  Our cases can also be easily secured to a wall or table side for a great look.

Check out one of our great restaurants using mobile POS.

For full features of the mobile POS Check out

If any of these 3 options are of interest to you please call 480-270-4729 today!!

Top 5 Business Expert Mobile Apps

1)  DropBox - Who needs more space on their Ipad or Iphone?  We all do.  This app stores all those critical files in the cloud for your consumption anytime.  Contracts, Agreements, Work Orders, Pictures, PowerPoint Presentations and any Microsoft Office file at the tip of your fingers.  Store all of your files here rather than your home/work computer so you never leave the office without all you “ammunition”.   The best part about it is that it is FREE.  Download Now!

2)  Type On PDF Pro - The guy who invented this is a genius.  I have yet to use my printer or fax machine with the help of this app.  There are quite a few apps where you can type on PDFs and sign but this is the easiest and has the most features.  Fill out that contract, agreement or work order with ease and have your customers sign the screen.  Email them a copy for their records and there you go!  You are 100% paperless.  This app can also integrate into your CRM or POS thru web server calls for one point data entry.  Eliminate double data entry.  Best $10 your business will ever spend!  Download Now!  PS.  This app only does PDFs so if you need to fill out or sign any other file type use SIGN AND SEND FREE

3)  PhoneSwipe –  Great way for business owners to accept payments on the fly.  Check out this YouTube video describing the rich features. Security, Inventory, Email Receipts, GeoTagging transactions, Tip Functionality and ability to store transactions when you don’t have internet are all important aspects of this app.  You do have to create a merchant account to process payment into your bank account APPLY NOW  Download FREE Now!

4)  RoboForm - Have you ever been out of the office and don’t remember your username and password?  That is a pain.  This beauty stores all of your usernames and passwords in a simple to use way.  Just go into the RoboForm app on your Ipad or Iphone and select the website.  It then logs you in with your username and password. Whala!  Download for FREE!

5)  ShoeBoxed – Have business receipts but hate packing them around in your wallet or pocket?  Perfect solution is the ShoeBox mobile app.  This allows you to snap a picture of all your business related receipts and store them in their cloud service.  For tax purposes you now have all your receipts store.  Download FREE!

Easy to Setup Shopping Carts

Our free shopping cart is a great way to tie in your products and services from your website into our payment services.  This option allows you to assign pricing and tax amounts to all your products and customize to look and feel like your website.  You have the ability to accept all major cards including Virtual Checks for all you customers.

Compatible Mobile Devices



Customer Financing

Your business now has the opportunity to open doors to clients that could not pay because of bad credit or didn’t want to apply for credit.  Make it easy for them.  Accept checks from them on a plan in which they can pay monthly for your service.

Here are your options

Accept checks for the amount of purchase and let your
customer extend their buying power while you deposit the checks
in 30 day intervals. COST - 5% for 90 Days, 6 Months for 7% or    12 months for 9%
This program offers the same "90 day same as cash" convenience,
only now you no longer have to make a trip to the bank to deposit the
checks, or incur bad check service charges from your bank, or mail
the physical check to us for reimbursement. We automatically debit
the consumer"s bank account at each deferred deposit date while
settling the funds directly to your bank account electronically. COST - 8%
This program is the most exciting program of them all. We still
offer the convenience of a "90 days same as cash" option to your
customer making it possible for you to generate more revenue, but
with this feature you are paid IN ADVANCE. Your customer will have
his account debited over the 90 day period while you get all of your
money immediately COST - 10%